Adding Instructions

Each step includes an optional set of instructions that describe how to preform the step. Instructions can include:

  • text
  • links
  • photos
  • videos

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Creating Instructions

Use the item bar at the bottom of the screen to insert instructions into the list. New instructions are added into the bottom

The options are:

  • Text: inserts a new text instruction into the list
  • Link: inserts a new instruction that lets you add both the text and url for a link
  • Camera: opens up the camera so you can take a picture or record a video and adds it into the list
  • Photo Library: lets you pick a photo from your library
  • Video Library: lets you pick a video from your library



Photos and videos can can either be taken from the app or added from your library.

Reordering Instructions

Use the arrows to move instructions up or down.

Deleting Instructions

Use the trash can icon to delete an instruction

What’s Next

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