102: Adding Product Manuals to Your Product

Guidelines for uploading documents to a product

What you will need:

  • Product Manual
  • Desktop Access

As we covered, knowledge is put into InSkill by uploading resources and expertise to its corresponding product portal. In the previous section, you uploaded your first product into InSkill. In this lesson, you will learn to load the product portal with its first source of knowledge; resources.

Resources like instruction manuals are your product's first line of defense. The machine builder publishes these resources with information that ensures its users can perform simple operations on their machines. These manuals contain information such as troubleshooting, configuration, maintenance, operation, and inspection procedures. Relative to InSkill, resources must be uploaded to the portal as our GPT system exclusively extracts the knowledge about the machine from these manuals.

In this section, you will learn how to add knowledge to your product by uploading its instruction manuals to the product portal. After this, you will be ready to use InSkill as a chatbot.

To add your product's manual please proceed through the following instructions:

  1. After signing into the InSkill Portal, you will see the following homepage with your products. Click on the product you want to add documents to
  1. Once in the products portal, select ‘Resources”
  1. On Resources tab, select the drop-down arrow to choose type of resource to add
  1. From the options, select “Documents” to add documents
  1. Drop, paste, or upload your maintenance manual in the allocated section
  1. Once the file is uploaded, enter the title of the maintenance manual. (Please note that the title is automatically populated with the name of the file that is uploaded)
  1. Click “Save” to save document
  1. Document is uploaded and populated in the column on left of page

What’s Next

Refresh the site to see your first product manual uploaded!