InSkill has data associated with Assets or scanned QR codes, or collected through Observations, and that data is used by Dependencies to filter

The simplest case is where Asset A has data with model = 300, and the resources and steps have dependency with model = 300 or model = 400, etc. When you are using this Asset A, only resources that match will be shown, so you don't see any manuals for the model 400.

Steps in a Task can depend on Asset data, or any of the data collected in the Task so far, such as symptoms, readings, etc. from Observations. Step Instructions can also use dependencies, often to show the link to a manual for that model of Asset.

Asset data can include the model, or configuration, or optional add-ons. Tasks can have a dependency so they only show if an asset has a feeder option, for example.


model = 300 - must match 300

model = 300,400 - match either 300 or 400

model < 400 - match less than 400

model != 300 - match anything but 300

model = empty - match when there is no data for model

flow = yes - match a Yes/No data type

pump.voltage = 240 - matches if the data has object pump with attribute voltage