What's new

The improved authoring released in Nov 2023 makes it easier to create and maintain the expertise in your products.

  • The Tasks pages show the steps and subtasks as a tree so its easier to view and understand the flow. It is optimized for the common use case of asking for a symptom or error code, then branching to the steps that follow each choice. See Diagnose Task for an example.
  • You can reorder tasks to the order you want them displayed in the App. In the Task List, you can drag tasks to reorder them.
  • There are fewer tasks now because Observations with a list of choices can enable Linked which automatically create the branches in the tree. This eliminates "worker" tasks to handle each choice.
  • The Step Explorer lets you see an overview of steps and how their data and dependencies are related. It also allows an advanced view of any step information by selecting columns.