Creating Assets

What you will need:

  • Product Serial Number
  • Location of Product

Now that you have created the Groups for your team, it is time to create some assets using your products. While a product is a general representation of a single device or a family of devices, an asset is an actual instance of a product. An asset differs from a product by having a particular and unique serial number and name that refers to a real-life product. As it is an actual instance of the product, an asset has data, configuration, and a history of tasks that have been run on it. Assembling your team with assets allows for the complete organization of your equipment with a detailed report of its usage and performance.

Asset Configuration

Assets are configured in Assets tab found on the top left drop-down arrow

To add incorporate a new asset, press "+ Add New" in the top right corner

Here the asset information such as serial number (SN) and name can be correlated to a particular product.

Moreover, the asset can be configured by assigning variables to a specific asset.