Level 4: Data Inventory

Great job! At this point, you have learned how to build InSkill's Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 copilots! You are pretty much an InSkill pro now! The next step is to learn how to access all the data that you gathered! InSkill makes this easy for you and your team.

The main purpose of Data Inventory is to gain situational awareness provided via system integrations. This includes maintenance history, current operating state, and asset history. This is crucial as InSkill uses information from these 3rd party systems within its Large Language Model (LLM) operations to optimize the the experience for you, the user.

This system data not only provides the LLM insight but can be used to provide critical insight into questions you or your team might have.. Analysis of data gathered by InSkill can help paint a better picture of what is happening in your system, whether its slow wear-and-tear of the machine or an efficiency miscalculation. It can help better diagnose an issue that arose in your testing.