Building a Level 1 Copilot

Documented: What is Written

Level 1 Copilots are the most basic type of copilot offered in the InSkill family. Level 1 copilots contain documentation for that product. Know-how is often spread across many types of documents. Typical electronic documents are in PDF format, but valuable information is often stored in spreadsheets, documents, and even videos. These documents are uploaded and then indexed for the AI chatbot, InSkill GPT. It is easy to have hundreds of documents, videos, service bulletins, parts lists, and more for a single product family, each in many languages. Level 1 Copilots enable a worker to ask a question or state a need and have a response generated from the materials relevant to their product.

Resources, which are covered in this section, are documentation of the product (such as inspection manual, maintenance manual, or troubleshooting manual) that contain general information about the machine functionality. This type of knowledge is reserved for InSkill GPT and contains technical information provided by the machine builder. Typically, resources contain information necessary to set up and use the equipment effectively but are too general to solve some of the specific issues that arise when machines are put into practice. The knowledge that pertains to these specific cases that is not general information covered in manuals InSkill likes to call expertise.

For this level, we will focus on building your first Level 1 AI Copilot. Please proceed through the following to learn more about what a Level 1 copilot contains and how to create one.