User Authorization

You need to be invited to join an account on InSkill. Once you have been authorized, you are able to diagnose devices & products that have been added.

For example, if ACME widgets makes an X13 and you want to diagnose problems on an X13, you get an authorization email from ACME. The email contains a deep link that automatically authorizes you to InSkill.

There are 3 ways to join an account:

  • Deep Link
  • Scan QR code
  • Enter user code

All 3 options are available in the email invite.

Deep Link

If you are viewing the email invite on your mobile device or tablet, you can use the deep link in the email to join.

Clicking on the deep link will open the navigator app and automatically add you to the account.

Scan QR Code

If you have not received the email on your mobile device, you can use the QR code provided in the email to authenticate. Simply open InSkill QR code scanner and use it to scan the QR code in the email.

This will automatically add you to the account.

Enter the User Code

You always have the option to enter the user code from the email to join the account.

  1. Select "Accounts" from the app menu.
  2. Click the "Join Account" button
  3. Enter the user code in the text filed and click enter on your keyboard.



If you delete the InSkill app, you will need to authorize from the email invite again