202: How to create a task?

Now that you understand what tasks are and why they are utilized, you will learn how to create the steps that are the building blocks of a task. Steps are pieces of a procedure that contain a title and instructions to complete what the title is prompting. These steps, when combined to create a task, can do anything from diagnosing a problem, guiding the user to fix the equipment, providing crucial information, preparing you with required tools or theory, or acting as a tool to collect data from the user for the author.

This section will teach you to add the simplest form of a step. This includes creating a step that provides information to the user without prompting them to input any type of data.

Please go through the following to learn how to create a task

  1. On the products page, click on the piece of equipment you want to add a procedure to

  1. Under the expertise tab, on the left, click the plus sign to create a new task (procedure)

  1. Enter the title of task

  1. Press Save

  1. After title is given, it will go automatically to the first step of task. At this point, enter the prompt you want to show up under “Title”

  1. To add details, click “Add New Instructions”

(These details will show up under the prompt of the step. Instructions can be input in the form of images, resources, texts, URL/Email, or videos)

  1. At this point "Info Only" should be enabled if the step is meant to inform the user without any result. If "Info Only" is not enabled this step will be a solution-based process where the procedure only proceeds if the problem persists (This is useful for troubleshooting/diagnosing)

  1. Press "Save"

  1. Press the plus sign in the Step to add another step

(Steps added will be shown on the left side in the form of an outline of the task process)

  1. Repeat steps 6-10 to add subsequent steps

Task Visibility