String is a type of observation designed to any character, number, or special symbol. This type of observation is mainly designed to gather information from the user. This can be used to find out the state of the system through inquisitive questions such as:

Example 1:

-- "What is the distance between the frame and the sensor" | Answer: 35 mm

Example 2:

-- "Where did you store the key to the ignition lockbox?" | Answer: In the Computer drawer next to the front door

As you can see, String allows for the use of characters and special symbols. This allows for more flexibility in the answer as it is not restricted to numerical values. String is a great functionality if you want to give more liberty in the user-provided answers. If you prefer only numerical values (without units) in the reporting, it is recommended to use float or integer.

Please follow these instructions to learn how to use a String observation:

  1. A string input is designed to handle inputs that contain letters, numbers, and symbols.
  1. Press "Save" to create a string feedback