Shared Resources

To learn about how to upload Shared Resources to the product database please follow the subsequent instructions

In this section, you will learn how to implement resources that are shared with the whole team. These resources are not product specific but instead is pertinent to multiple projects. In other words, shared resources are resources stored in the account so that multiple products reference and use it. This is extremely helpful as it keeps your profile clean and without duplicates, thus more fluid to handle. As with the previous subsection, this will continue from 104: Adding More Manuals step # 4.

Continued from Step #4 (Lesson 104):

  1. From the options, select “Shared Resource” to add a resource shared in account
  1. Select drop-down arrow to choose from shared resources
  1. Select the desired shared resource
  1. Click “Save” to save video
  1. Document is uploaded and populated in the column on left of page

What’s Next

Refresh InSkill to check out the resource you just uploaded!