Desktop Computer

What you will need:

  • Desktop Computer/Laptop

While it is recommended to use InSkill GPT on your mobile app, the desktop site offers the same service with no technical disadvantage. This makes the desktop InSkill site is another great way to implement this useful tool. This section will teach the user how to use InSkill GPT from a desktop computer. To do this the user will visit and log into their account. Once this is completed, please go through the following procedure to learn how to implement InSkill GPT on a desktop.

Please follow these instructions to learn how to use InSkill GPT on a desktop computer:

  1. After logging into the InSkill website on a desktop you will arrive at the product page with all your products
  1. Click the drop-down arrow on the top left corner
  1. Select “Escalate” to navigate to the active session page
  1. Select the drop-down arrow to choose which product you would like to work with
  1. Select the device from which you want to perform a task
  1. After selecting a device, you can pick an asset that correlates to a specific piece of equipment
  1. Select the asset you wish to work with
  1. Click “Begin” to initiate InSkill GPT
  1. Begin typing to start interacting with InSkill GPT