301: Assets and Grouping

Now that you have personalized your team on InSkill to match your technical team, it is time to personalize the products in your portal. With products, personalization refers to connecting the general product to a particular instance of the product in a real-life situation. This personalization is done in two ways: Assets & Asset Grouping.

Assets refer to an actual instance of the product. This entails the serial number of the machine as well as the name of which the machine is commonly referred to. While the model number refers to the version of the equipment, the serial number refers to a specific instance of the machine. This makes the inclusion of the serial number key, as serial numbers are identifiers unique to a physical instance of the machine.

Grouping is the action of organizing the assets into corresponding groups that mimic the real-life instance of the machines. In a factory, it is common practice to group assets that are part of a production line, at a site, or related to a department. This allows for better organization and optimal production as all necessary items for a production line are in close proximity. Here at InSkill, we believe this organization is the best route to take. Not only does this allow for easier inventory of the data related to actions completed on a specific machine, but it also paves the way for optimal and intuitive navigation of your site.