Observations allow you to collect additional information, feedback, or data for the AI to use during a diagnosis.


What is an observation?

It could be anything! Here are some examples:

  • something that you can observe about the machine
  • the result of a procedure that you run
  • a reading
  • choosing from a set of symptoms
  • entering an error code

Observation Types

Each observation has a data type that is associated with it. InSkill will prompt for the observation with the correct type of input.


Text is a string like "MF_3214".
It could be used to enter a serial number or error code.


Count is a whole number or integer 1, 3, 57.
How many samples have been processed?
What is the odometer reading?


A reading is a number with decimal places like 3.14
What is the pressure reading?


This represents a choice that is either yes or no, true or false.
Is the LED blinking?
Is there a leak?


A list is a set of options. These options could be anything you configure.
For example, it could be a set of symptoms or the color options for a light.
A list is better than inputs if there is a limited number of choices.

Lists allow a user to select a description but store an error code, for example. This is done like so:
5002:Gantry home error
5720:Limit switch failed
6200:Low voltage

The list of options displays the text after the : but inserts the value into the data set

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