As stated in the previous section, Reports are InSkill's easy-to-understand data inventory. Through reports, you can gain insight into your team and their tasks. The following is an example of a Summary Report of machine use in one of our accounts. As you can see, the data is presented in graphs, charts, and tables to give the reader a quick review of the performance of your team over time. The intelligence tab also allows you to narrow your search by product or time whether it be 1 week, 2 weeks, 30 days, 90 days, 1 year, or all time. Please keep in mind that the more you use InSkill the more insight can be provided through reports.

Report TypeInformation Provided
SummaryTotal Sessions, Sessions Over Times, Sessions Product, Sessions by Status, Sessions Escalated, Sessions by Solution, Total Resource Usage, Resources Over Time, Resources by Product, and Resources by Resources
ProductsTotal Products, Products Over Time, Products, Sessions by Product, Average Duration by Product, and Resources by Product
UsersTotal Users, Users Over Time, Users, Sessions by User, Sessions Average Duration by User, Resource Usage by User, Resources by Number of Users
CustomersTotal Customers, Customers Over Time, Customers, Sessions by Customer, Sessions Average Duration by Customer, Resource Usage by User, Resources by Number of Users