To learn about how to upload Dynamics to the product database please follow the subsequent instructions

What you will need:

  • Product information from notes

Dynamics allows the author to input material manually into a products portal without having a document for it. Dynamic also has other capabilities in which this editor can be used as a coding interface to connect products with a personal website. At this junction, the main takeaway is that dynamic can handle the direct input of material into a products portal without a file. As with the previous subsection, this will continue from 104: Adding More Manuals step # 4.

Continued from Step #4 (Lesson 104):

  1. From the options, select “Dynamic” to add your own text
  1. Enter the text into the space provided
  1. Once the desired material is entered, enter the title of the material
  1. Click “Save” to save material
  1. Material is uploaded and populated in the column on left of page

What’s Next

Refresh InSkill to check out the resource you just uploaded!