103: Using InSkill GPT

Now that you have uploaded your product and its manual you are now ready to use InSkill GPT! InSkill GPT is your new go-to expert to help guide you through any industrial machine's troubleshooting, maintenance, or inspection. Our GPT function is designed to interact via chat communication which allows the user to interact with the interface naturally, as one would with a human expert.

InSkill GPT is your new in-your-pocket expert who will help you with working on your equipment. This section will teach you how to use InSkill GPT on the mobile app and desktop site. As of current, documents such as word files or pdf are the only resource that can be indexed by InSkill GPT, a process that is finished within an hour. Currently, url, images, video, and dynamics are not indexed for InSkill GPT.

What’s Next

Go through the Mini lessons to learn how to use InSkillGPT on both the desktop and mobile device