Language for User Entered Content

InSkill is designed to handle resources in a multitude of different languages. To choose which language InSkill is set to handle these resources, please go to Account Settings. This language setting defines what languages product expertise will automatically be indexed for. By default, the app language will be used, but selecting the language in this setting in the Product can be used to override that. To set up multiple languages in InSkill, you go to account settings. There, at the bottom of the page, you can select the languages you wish for InSkill to use automatically for all user-entered content.

The top list of languages that are seen are InSkill’s “Primary” languages. A primary language are the languages that InSkill App can be translated into. Selecting “Show All Languages” will show all the languages that InSkill is prepared to handle for user entered content.

Languages for user-entered content must be chosen for InSkill to have that handling capability. This must be chosen because language translation is time-consuming and costly, therefore it is imperative to only choose the languages that are required by your deployment. The languages that are selected will be automatically translated by InSkill. To change Expertise Language please follow these instructions.

Changing Expertise Language

  1. To reach account settings click the "Account Settings" tab found at the top of the Manage page.
  1. Languages are seen at the bottom of the page. To choose which language the account is set-up to handle expertise, press "Edit" in the top right corner
  1. Next, choose the language you wish to have your expertise indexed. Please note that selecting "Show all languages" brings up all of the languages where expertise will be translated

Don't see your language here? Contact [email protected] and we will be happy to work with you.

  1. Selecting languages is not the last step for making sure that resources are indexed correctly. When uploading resources, click the drop-down arrow of the page to choose which language is being used for the resource you are uploading
  1. From here you can choose the language of the document you are going to upload
  1. Press "Save"