Info Tab

The info tab contains the rest of the information relevant to a step. It is designed to prepare the user with what is necessary to complete this step including cost, parts, and skills needed. In addition to this, the info tab is responsible for terminating a task through "Stop Here" and "Trigger script". Lastly, the info tab contains a setting that allows the hiding of specific steps from underqualified personnel. By using the functionality in this tab you can be assured that only qualified personnel will handle your system's high-level assignments and that they will be prepared to perform with the necessary skills, parts, and cost.

Please refer to the definitions below to better understand the functionality accessible under this tab.

Cost: This refers to the cost associated with implementing this solution. This is typically the cost of replacement parts. It is also important to remember that InSkill Al prioritizes fast and low-cost steps first.

Tags: Tagging can be used to organize routing and workflow.

Parts Required: This lists the parts required to complete this step. This helps prepare the user by informing them of what equipment they will need before attempting the step.

Skills Required: This lists skills required to complete this step. This helps ensure that the correct workers with qualified experience are the ones handling the execution of the step. If people with the skill set are not present during the step, then the step should not be executed.

Stop Here: Stop here is designed to end the task. If set, this step will not have any steps following it.

Trigger Script: This step triggers the product 'session finished' script if it exists.

Don't show step to: Functionality that prevents selected roles from seeing the current step. This can be used to ensure that only the qualified personnel handle/execute the step.