Mobile Device

What you will need:

  • Mobile Device

While adding your product and product manuals must be done on the InSkill website, InSkill GPT is accessible via the website and mobile app. While both are effective, we recommend using the mobile app to initiate InSkill GPT as it will become a personal expert in your pocket. This allows for quick troubleshooting, inspection, or maintenance at your maximum convenience. To access your InSkill portal through a mobile app please have your phone or tablet ready to go.

To add InSkill to your mobile device, please proceed through the following instructions

  1. Download InSkill App
  1. Now that the app is downloaded, grab the QR code for your account. This will be used to join account after the app is downloaded. To do this go to the dropdown arrow in the top left corner
  1. Select “Admin” to reach the administration page
  1. Select your account found on your teams page
  1. At the bottom right you will see the QR code. Please keep this to scan from your phone

This QR code is also found in the email invite sent to your email when the account administrator incorporates a new user. Please check both the main inbox and junk folder to find the email

  1. Once downloaded, the app will open to the following screen. Select the bottom right arrow to proceed
  1. The next page informs you that the QR code will be used and to enable the camera. Select the bottom right arrow to proceed
  1. Allow the camera access
  1. Click “Scan QR Code”
  1. Scan QR Code that was saved from previous steps (Please note that the QR code provided in this guideline is for the InSkill Sample account. Must use your account QR code to enter your account)
  1. Click “Accept and Continue”
  1. Click “Ok”
  1. You are now ready to use the app. Select the bottom right arrow to proceed
  1. Once in the account portal, your products will be shown. Please choose the product you wish to chat with
  1. Next click “Ask” to initiate InSkill GPT
  1. You are now in a chat group with the device GPT. At this point you can engage with the copilot by asking a question