101: Adding your First Product

Guidelines for adding a product to the InSkill portal

What you will need:

  • The 1st product you want to add to InSkill
  • Product Image

To begin building your brand new AI Copilot, you will need to determine the machines that you want to incorporate into the portal. Ideally, InSkill will reflect your industrial inventory. The inventory you generate is key in building your account as all resources, expertise, and history are input to InSkill through the product's portal. Because of this, it is crucial to begin your InSkill journey by uploading your product to your account.

As stated, resources, expertise, and history within InSkill are organized into products. A product represents either a physical product, like a pump, or a logic collection of products like a water treatment train. In both cases, a product contains all of the information and activity associated with that entity. Every product in InSkill has an AI Model, Tasks (which have Steps), and Resources. This section will cover the basics on how to add a product to your InSkill account. By following this you will be able to create an inventory of your products for your team.

Once the InSkill App has been authorized all products that are

  1. Visible (as set in the Product’s Settings) and
  2. Enabled for you (as set in the User Administration Portal)

will be visible within the App.

Please proceed through the following instructions to add your first product:

  1. After signing into the InSkill Portal, you will see the following homepage (If products have been added then products will show up below)
  1. To add a product, either select the “+ Add New” in the top right corner or select dropdown arrow to click on “New Product”
  1. Enter details of the equipment such as a photo and name of the equipment
  1. Click “Save” to finish adding the product
  1. Product is saved in the database
  1. Refresh the site and check out your account page to view your new product in the portal

What’s Next

Refresh the site to see your first product uploaded!