Take a Photo

Take a Photo is a type of observation that requires the user to either take a picture or upload an image from your library. This is very useful to get an idea of the current state of the system. Photo observations can be extremely useful as an "Observation Process" can be implemented to extract information from the photo. Examples of this can be the following:

Example 1:

-- "How dirty is the washing container? Please take a photo to capture its current state"

Example 2:

-- "Where is the ruler located? Please take a photo of where it is stored"

Please follow these instructions to learn how to use a Take a Photo observation:

  1. The "Take a Photo" functionality is designed to have a visual representation of the input required by the procedure

The observation process can be implemented by selecting it in the "Observation Process" drop-down arrow

  1. Press "Save" to create a string feedback