Level 2: Expertise

Digitize: What Experts Know, Best Practices

As any technician knows, the documentation never contains all of the knowledge. While manuals provide key information, gaps are missing that are crucial for fixing your machine and for optimizing your system to take it to the next level. Today, that gap is filled by the people in customer support, product training, and field service. A Level 2 Copilot takes out the middle-man by capturing the know-how of those experts and making it available to its users.

Digitizing Key Activities:

The information not available in a document is typically procedural. It often requires information to be gathered, assessed, and adapted to. Key activities that fall into this type of operational knowledge are:

  1. Maintenance Operations
  2. Issue Troubleshooting
  3. Inspections
  4. Key Procedures

In InSkill two pathways exist for the system to learn about the products you add to your portal: Resources & Expertise. As you just learned how to incorporate information into your product via its resources, the next step needed to master InSkill is building your product expertise. This is done by supplying your product with information, via tasks containing steps, for InSkill users to reference and follow. Expertise is crucial knowledge not found in a book but gained through years of intimate experience with a machine. This knowledge is complex and filtered through countless iterations of the engineering design process shown below. This knowledge takes years to accumulate but is a vital commodity to a company's success.

As these techniques are particular to a company and its processes, this knowledge typically becomes stored in an expert's mind or, in rare cases, is written down as hard-to-follow chicken scratch for others to reference. InSkill bridges the gap of this missing information by using our Expertise functionality to capture this know-how by creating a guiding procedure with informative and detailed steps that help any new user come in and perform the tasks immediately. Please keep in mind that different types of know-how need to leverage different mechanisms for information capture, therefore, your methods for capturing and divulging this expertise can vary greatly