InSkill digitizes interactions with equipment through Tasks applied to Assets. Lets talk about some examples and how InSkill does it. We'll start with the simple cases and build up from there.

Say we make 3D printers, or CNC machines, pumps, lasers, etc. InSkill is most often used to diagnose and fix problems, but also to digitize procedures like maintenance, inspections, rounds and readings. Some organizations still do these things on paper, or in spreadsheets that get sent to someone. By digitizing the interactions, each Asset has a history of what's been done or data collected.

This Diagnose Task shows how to create a simple flow to fix a problem. When your field service or customers use this task to solve their problems, there will be a record of each task, and the successful solutions can be seen in the Intelligence portal.

Procedures are similar but the Steps are not solutions, they are either Informations steps, or Observations that ask the user for input. This type of procedure often shows how to replace parts, calibrate, or clean the equipment.

An Inspection Task is a kind of procedure that is done periodically, not in response to a problem.