An integer is a type of observation designed to handle whole numbers. Similar to float observation, an integer is designed to handle numbers, however, it differs by only being able to handle whole numbers. This type of observation is mainly designed to gather numerical information from the user. This can be used to find out any numerical information from the user about the system. Examples of this can be:

Example 1

-- "How many iterations will you be performing per concentration?" | Answer: 5

Example 2

-- "When was the last time that this equipment had its end-of-the-year inspection? Please include the year the last inspection was performed." | Answer: 2022

Follow these steps to create a step with integer observation:

  1. Create a new step and go to the data tab
  1. Create a variable to store data (This variable can be used in dependencies to reference in other steps)
  1. Select Integer from the type drop-down arrow
  1. Go to the content tab and enter the title and instructions for the user to follow
  1. Press "Save" to create an integer feedback