Adding Manuals for Different Languages

What you will need:

  • Product Manual in foreign language

As stated in the previous section, for InSkill to be able to handle multiple languages, the software must be told which languages are going to be entered. Once languages are selected, manuals in other languages can be uploaded into the same resource under its respective language file. To do this you must first upload the default language manual first. This must be done because the foreign language document must be saved under the same resource file to translate correctly. Translating is an expensive and lengthy process, thus it is important to correctly implement manuals in foreign languages meticulously.

Please proceed through the following directions to learn how to upload manuals in different languages.

  1. As stated above, to incorporate manuals in different languages, you must first inform InSkill of the languages you will include. To do this go to account settings and click edit.
  1. Once in editing mode, scroll down to languages and select the languages that you want translated. In this example, the languages chosen to automatically translate are French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and English (default).
  1. Next, go to the English version of the document you want to upload. Remember, manuals in different languages must be saved under the same resource file.

  1. At this point, select the drop-down arrow to see all of the languages you have set your InSkill profile to handle.
  1. Now, select the language of the manual you want to upload. In this example, the foreign manual is in Italian therefore Italian is selected.
  1. You are now in the Italian version of the resource you initially selected. This is now the location in which the foreign manual can be uploaded. Please note that the URL references the English document. This is apparent as it says "(Using the English Language)". To upload the foreign document you must remove the English file. This is completed by erasing the file via selecting the x icon.
  1. Your portal is now ready to include the foreign document. To do this either browse through your files or drag the file over the allotted section.
  1. Now that your foreign language manual is uploaded, please select save to finalize its upload
  1. At this point you have incorporated the same manual in two different languages. Again, please note that both of these versions are saved under the same resource. If you want to add more language versions you must complete it under the same resource as we just did. If this process is not followed, InSkill will not be able to translate for use in InSkill GPT.