104: Adding More Manuals and Other Types of Resources

To create an effective GPT for your team it is important to upload all the relevant documents that your product offers. To add more documents, follow the steps shown in lesson 102. Using this process the user can upload other manuals important to the machinery and its function. Typically this includes inspection, operating, and troubleshooting manuals. (Document uploads are limited to 300MB) Be sure to include all versions of these manuals.

The following are file types that can be uploaded as documents

The PDF format is the worst format for searching. So to get reasonable results from your GPT questions, the format must be preprocessed before being indexed. A few of the preprocessing actions required include:

  1. Normalization of tables
  2. Removal of headers and footers
  3. Crossing page boundaries when dealing with lists
  4. Among others

To add more resources please follow the following steps

  1. After signing into the InSkill Portal, you will see the following homepage with your products. Click on the product you want to add documents to
  1. Once in the products portal, select ‘Resources”
  1. On Resources tab, select the drop-down arrow to choose type of resource to add
  1. From this point, multiple types of resources can be added into the products profile

Look at subsequent mini-lessons in section 104 to learn about adding different types of resources to your product

What’s Next

Go through the subsequent mini lessons to learn how to upload all the types of resources InSkill works with!